A tradition being established!

For a few years now, we hold what we usually call our SLV Weekend. Regularly taking place in the fall, it is becoming a tradition.

Several discussions are necessary just to find the best time for our group escape. We have to coordinate the care of the little treasures as well as the pets, the schedule of the spouses must be taken into account since they are included in our festivities, as well as the transport. At this level the prize goes to Mireille and Giovanni who will join us from Alberta.

The location chosen this year is the Saint-Sauveur manor from November 10 to 12. Not surprisingly, some good food is planned, outdoor and indoor activities and a few surprises that will remain a secret until they are revealed.

There will be no team or objective meetings during the SLV weekends, “Teambuilding” is done with a little red, a little white, a range of desserts and lots of hearty laughs.