SLV Expert’s 2022 Christmas

It is with great pleasure that part of the SLV Expert team gathered on the Cavalier Maxime boat, for a magnificent evening on the St. Lawrence River in Montreal.


Congratulations Stephanie for organizing the evening! The 5-course meal was delicious, the trip on the river was magnificent and what about the dancing evening which allowed us to relax a little. Like the activities that we have the pleasure of organizing periodically, it is always very pleasant to spend time together, and to exchange with colleagues.


The team was happy to see that Mireille, our Albertan, made it to Québec to be with us. Lodging pets, traveling by car and plane, the logistics of accommodation have never been a hindrance for Mireille.


And what about Marcel who also drove 5 hours during the day in the middle of a storm to be with us.


The catchy music helping, a nice dancing session allowed us to assimilate a little the alcohol consumed.


Our thoughts are with Linda and François who could not join us; they know very well that it is only a postponement. Moreover, the rumor heard during the evening is that Stéphane is secretly organizing an activity for September 2023. Can’t wait to see after the stays at Les Baluchons de Saint-Paulin, at the Westin Tremblant and our red ribbon evening at Cavalier Maxime, what will be our next activity.