Revamped online Word course

In response to the enthusiasm for our portal and the growing demand for Word training, we are thrilled to present a completely revamped version of our online Word training course.

This training begins with an in-depth exploration of the Word interface, including ribbons, tabs, various objects, and available options. Gradually, we will cover formatting and layout techniques to help you master the presentation of your documents.

The course continues with a section rich in useful tips and tricks, immediately followed by a module dedicated to tables. Just like the previous sections, this part is enriched with videos and concrete examples to facilitate learning and document review.

Before concluding, we will explore mail merge through a specially dedicated section, setting the stage for our grand finale.

Indeed, the “Extra” section reveals the potential for integrating Word with the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and ChatGPT.

Join us to transform the way you work with Word, taking advantage of the latest innovations in the field.