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Business automation using Microsoft technology

For 18 years, the SLV Expert inc developer team has used the constantly evolving range of tools designed by Microsoft. Since the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI), the toolbox available to businesses has been improving at breakneck speed.

In a constantly evolving world, automation has become an essential lever for increasing business efficiency and productivity. Thanks to Microsoft technologies, the possibilities are endless to transform your operations and free up time for higher value-added tasks.

  • Office 365: Maximize your productivity with Microsoft’s cloud applications, offering collaborative tools and integrated business management solutions.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA): Make us of this programming language common to Office applications to automate and customize tasks within the Microsoft Office suite, improving the efficiency and accuracy of your daily operations.
  • Microsoft Power BI: Create dynamic, interactive dashboards to visualize your data in real time, facilitating analysis and fast decision-making.
  • Microsoft Power Apps: Create custom apps, allowing your teams to quickly develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.
  • Power Query: Simplify the import, transformation and connection of data from multiple sources for more efficient and faster analyses.
  • Microsoft Power Automate: Automate your workflows by connecting your favourite apps for seamless integration and streamlined processes.
  • Microsoft Azure: Take advantage of Azure’s capabilities to automate cloud infrastructure and operations, reducing errors and increasing reliability.
  • Power Pivot: Enable advanced data modelling and powerful calculations for more detailed reporting and in-depth analysis directly in Excel.
  • Visual Studio: Use this integrated development environment (IDE) to design, develop, and test applications with robust tools and seamless integration with Microsoft services.
  • Microsoft AI & Machine Learning: Use artificial intelligence to automate complex tasks, analyze data, and gain valuable insights for smarter decision-making.
  • Co-Pilot: Get advanced artificial intelligence assistance to increase your productivity and simplify your daily tasks in various Microsoft applications.

Automating your processes allows you to improve the quality of your services, make informed business decisions, and counter the lack of labor by improving business profitability. Investing in technology means investing in the future of your business

**A project in mind? Do not hesitate to contact SLV Expert inc to find out how we can help you implement tailor-made automation solutions for your business.

Stéphane L’Archevêque
President, SLV Expert