SLV Expert turns 15 and pays tribute to the team

Like many small businesses, SLV Expert was born in a basement and 15 years later, the business has flourished. I will always be grateful to all the companies who have given us their trust, to all the partners who have promoted our services. First, allow me to greet my wonderful team with whom I have the chance to share my days.

I am grateful to Sylvie,
Partner since day one, an exemplary, loyal and reliable woman. With you I transform my vision and my goals into achievement. Responsible for finance and human resources, we are all better because of you.

I am grateful to François,
You went from client to associate and finally to a real friend, thank you for your dynamism, working with you has been a pleasure every day since 2015. You have a marked talent for transforming the experience acquired into a concrete example useful for our clients. Always on the lookout for relevant news, you are always at the forefront.

I am grateful to Maxime,
In 2021, you’ve been working for SLV Expert for 9 years. I think you can complete my sentences. Reliable as a Swiss watch, I had the pleasure of training you, and you have become an efficient senior developer and seasoned programmer. The whole team and our client recognize your technical skills.

I’m grateful to Michelle,
My friend and mentor Pierre Leclerc introduced us more than 10 years ago, and I still have the same pleasure to talk to you. One of the most dynamic women I know. It’s always a pleasure to see you teach. I have always liked that in the private you call me “my big one” which reflects our mutual friendship.

I am grateful to Stéphanie,
I had the chance to work with Stéphanie 20 years ago, both for the National Bank of Canada. Now that you have joined our team, I am very happy to work with such a pleasant, professional and sympathetic person. Your office is very well located, right next to mine. As an employee, you know how to do everything: training, mentoring, development. As a friend, it’s even better.

I’m grateful to Daniel,
I remember your beginnings, you were suggested by a professional recruiter in 2014. The first client was complicated, a complex price system and a difficult client. Since that day, we’ve never let go. Our conversations are always frank and quick because we are always in agreement.

For your work related to our content and the offline training portal
I thank Dave, Karine, Janie, Ferroudja

For your work on our technological infrastructure
I thank Denis, Madjid, Sylvestre

For the organization of our premises, maintenance of equipment
I thank Lorraine and Jean

I am grateful to Mireille
And finally our new recruit who is joining us in September 2021, like most of the other team members you are leaving a large Canadian company to join us. SLV Expert is not just an expert firm, but a group of enthusiasts who take pleasure in working together.