New team member

We welcome Marcel Dubé who joins the team. Marcel has a wealth of considerable experience; he is an effective computer developer and a dynamic trainer, excellent teacher, patient and very precise.

New online training

Labor Day is, for many, the beginning of a new cycle. Personally, this is my favorite period, summer being conducive to reviewing and adding new educational content for our training. I am announcing that new training courses have been added to our deferred training...

The team welcomes a new member

Alexandru Celac will join us on May 30. His arrival will fit into the organization’s strategy to offer more services to our neighbors in the rest of Canada and the United States.

SLV Mont-Tremblant weekend (October 2021)

It is always with renewed pleasure that the members of the SLV Expert team come together to do activities. This time, the place of our festivities was Mont-Tremblant. The 13 guests were received at the chic Westin Resort & Spa. The weekend started well; after...